Homestay Information

Homestay Student Profile

All students wanting to stay with a homestay family must fill in the Homestay Student Profile. Please print this document and fill it in, then return it to Wainuiomata High School. Alternatively, if you have a relative or family friend that you can stay with, you will need to fill out a Designated Caregivers Form.

More detailed information can be found in the Homestay Information Handbook.

Homestay Information

Homestay accommodation is provided by the school for all international students.

  • All homestay families have been visited by the International Students' Dean and the Homestay Co-ordinator, and have been vetted by the New Zealand Police.
  • Students will have their own bedroom.
  • Accommodation is usually within a 10 km radius of the school. Some students may walk or bike to school or take the bus.
  • Homestay accommodation costs NZ$220 per week.
  • Pocket money: This will vary but $20 - $30 per week should be sufficient.

Each homestay family has signed a contract with the accommodation agent to provide accommodation for students.

Wainuiomata High School expects the family to:

  • provide three meals a day
  • provide a warm, comfortable room
  • set reasonable rules
  • not provide alcohol for students
  • set a reasonable curfew at weekends and a time for the student to be home after school
  • discuss their rules and expectations with the student

If homestay parents are negligent in their care, the student will be removed from the home.

If there is a problem with the homestay family and the problem cannot be solved with meetings and mediation, the student may be able to change accommodation. This option is a last resort only. Please remember - living successfully with other people requires courtesy, communication, common sense and give and take.

Homestay families can give two weeks’ notice and terminate their homestay contract, without giving reasons.

Our Homestay Co-ordinator will visit each homestay once a term and provide support to students.

Wainuiomata High School expects international students to abide by the school’s international rules:

  • No driving unless you are learning to drive with a registered driving instructor.
  • You need to get approval from the principal to have driving lessons.
  • No drinking alcohol if you are under 18.
  • No drugs.
  • Phone your homestay family if you will be late home.
  • Be at home at night during the week unless you are at a school/family/sporting function.
  • Ask permission of your homestay family to go out of the Wainuiomata area.
  • Ask permission of both the homestay family and International Students’ Dean to go out of the Wellington area.
  • Follow the school rules regarding attendance, smoking, uniform and leaving the school grounds.
  • Do homework regularly.
  • Pay for all international phone calls, cell phone calls and internet usage.
  • Share aspects of your culture with your family.

Breaking the school or homestay rules could result in students being sent home with no refund of fees.