Speech Competitions

English Speech Competitions, Monday 18 September.

There were some great speeches today and it was awesome to see so many, Juniors in particular, taking part.  The place getters for each level were:

Year 9
1st –Tori-Anne Tuirirangi (9G)
2nd – Keanu Amiatu (9G)
3rd – Brodie Blackman (9A)

Year 10
1st – Ivy Beck (10D)
2nd – Akenese McCarthy (10A)
3rd – Willow Tupe (10C)

1st – Rachel Shardlow
2nd – Sefo Soanai
3rd – Javin Bridgeman

Huge congratulations to the speakers, and those who took out places on the day!

Congratulations to Ethan Kamana (12TLB), Amber Felise (13RHT), Harlem Gaudin (12ASH), and Dawne Aroha Rihare-Moeahu (13AFW) who have been selected to attend Te Wero Pakahi; they were chosen from over 24 schools who participated in MAIBIZ in the last 12 months. Attendance at Te Wero Pakahi includes airfares, accommodation and all expenses paid at a five-day event in Auckland.

We would very much like to thank Maori Women’s Development Inc (MWDI) who have funded the Award for our students.

            Ethan Kamana                         Amber Felise                           Harlem Gaudin                    Dawne Rihari-Moeahu

Te Wero Pakihi is run at a local marae and various locations across Auckland City where students are exposed to a variety of activities and business workshops and get to engage directly with guests who are entrepreneurs/business leaders. Students get to experience being on campus at a tertiary institute and learn about the many opportunities on offer. The Business Challenge (Te Wero Pakihi) encourages students to work in teams to provide recommendations and solutions to improve a business; they get to observe and interact with the business and must do their own research to support their recommendations. Te Wero Pakihi provides a business experience, is fun, interactive, practical and useful to help rangatahi unleash their potential in the world of business.
Virginia Wilson, HOF Careers
July 2017



Do Some Good

 “Do Some Good” is a Paraparaumu-based company who facilitate Scholarships for students to attend programmes in the school holidays. This year, “Do Some Good” have been working with YOOBEE School of Design to award Wainuiomata High School six Art Scholarships to the following students:
Michael Broadhurst (Year 13) – Animation
Claudia Groeneweg – Graphic Design (3 days)
Moses Efinger – Web Design (2 days)
Michela Marris – Digital Illustration (2 days)
Zaide Coote – Game Design (4 days)
Nina Kaiwai – Film Production (4 days)

The above programmes are run by YOOBEE School of Design who offer the Scholarships, and are between two and four day courses, usually costing between $140-$500 each. Not only have “Do Some Good” secured the scholarships for our students, they are also arranging transportation subsidies and lunch vouchers for each student.

Pictured left are: (l-r) Sandy from “YOOBEE”, with Michela Marris, Zaide Coote, Claudia Groeneweg and Emma Jane from “Do Some Good”

We would like to thank Do Some Good and YOOBEE School of Design for their support of Arts at Wainuiomata High School. You can go to www.yoobee.ac.nz and www.dosomegood.nz for more information.
Fiona Waitere, HOF Arts
July 2017


Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Jerry Zhou (9TFT) who competed in the 2017 New Zealand Spelling Bee supported by the Wright Family Foundation. Jerry (pictured right) scored 74, and is among the pool of the top 200 spellers in the country from the 80 schools nationwide who entered the competition.

Jerry will now compete in the Semi-Finals for the Lower North Island on Thursday 03 August. The top 18 semi-finalists from around the country will then advance to the 2017 New Zealand Spelling Bee Final on Saturday 28 October in Wellington.

We wish Jerry the best of luck in the Semi-Finals and are very proud of his accomplishment and his representation of Wainuiomata High School at a National Academic event.
Fran Carter, HOF English
July 2017

Winter Sport Pre-Season Training/Trials

Commencing Monday 6 March. For further details click here....

Student ID Photo Catch Up, Wednesday 14 Mar

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