For the smooth and efficient running of the school a Code of Behaviour is required. This is designed to form a culture and a climate in the school based on self-responsibility and care. The best rule is, “to have respect for oneself and for others”.

Wainuiomata High School provides a safe environment. It is expected that students will not bring anything to school that is harmful to themselves or to others. Students are also expected to respect themselves and each other.


All students belong to one of four school Houses – Ngata, Tuwhare, Rutherford or Apiata. The students belong to the same house throughout their schooling and participate in a wide range of inter-house activities that include different sports competitions and community based projects. The Houses are led by House Captains and are supported by representatives at each year level.

Points are gained for the House throughout the year and at the end of the year the House that has accumulated the highest number of points is awarded the prize for Top House. The House system allows for leadership opportunities and friendly rivalry between the houses, together with the involvement of staff provides the setting for collaboration, teamwork and fun.


This year, we have made a change to the way form classes are set up.  We have created a vertical structure, meaning that all year groups are combined for their form classes, so a form class will be made up of a mix of Year, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 students.  This does not affect teaching classes.  Family members are in the same form class unless requested.  The Whanau Unit is a separate form class.


The Team consists of the Senior Management Team, Year Level Deans, Form Teachers, a Guidance Counsellor, an International Student Dean and Careers staff.

Deans provide leadership and guidance for all students and Form Teachers in their year level. They have a responsibility for the holistic pastoral care of each student. Deans continue their association with the student throughout their schooling.

Manaaki Teachers
The Manaaki Teacher meets daily with the students and therefore has an excellent opportunity get to know each student and their parents/caregivers and to care for each student according to their particular abilities, aspirations and needs.

Guidance Counsellor
The school has a full time Guidance Counsellor available to assist students and their families. The Guidance Counsellor has direct contact with a great many outside agencies which may be required to assist a particular student.


The Learning Support Centre provides individual programmes for students who meet the criteria for the Ongoing Resourcing Schemes (ORS). Students are supported in their learning in a variety of settings which may include the centre itself, mainstream school classes, the workforce and in the community.

Staff work closely with caregivers and other professionals to design and implement a range of programmes to meet the specific needs of each individual student.