We have a number of talented students with an array of achievements.

We want every one of our students to be the very best they can be.
We do this in partnership with our parents/caregivers, and you are
always welcome at our school.

Martin Isberg (BCA. Dip.Tchg.)


Every year Wainuiomata High School welcomes students from many countries including Korea, Japan, Norway and Germany.    

Junior Exams, Monday 20 - Wednesday 22 November

November 17
Junior Exams 20-22 November
  Monday 20 November     Tuesday 21 November     Wednesday 22 November  
Exam Venue Time Exam Venue Time Exam Venue Time
9asTTle Gym 8.45-9.45am 10MAT Gym 8.45- 9.50am 9MAT Gym 8.45-9.50am
10asTTle F Block 8.45-9.45am 9SOS F Block 8.45-10.50am      
            10SCI Gym 10.45-11.50am
9SCI Gym 11.20am-12.30pm 10SOS Gym 11.20am-1.25pm      
10MAT B Block 11.20am-12.55pm            
      9ENG Gym 1.35-2.40pm      
10ENG Gym 1.35-3.10pm