Drama - NCEA Level 2

* Successful attendance and completion of NCEA Level 1 Drama or open entry at the discretion of the Head of Drama.

* This course has a high practical component but also requires in depth study of the history and features of clowning.

* Students will be required to perform and write written responses to their own and others work. Regular journal writing and a high level of participation is compulsory.

* Students will be expected to take part in performance nights throughout the year and attend at least two plays outside of school time.

Drama provides students with the opportunity to improve creativity, develop problem solving skills and self confidence. It teachers students important social skills through working with others and develops the confidence to comfortably perform in front of a group. Drama also challenges students to look at the world around them.

During this course students will:
• Act out both real and imagined events using blanket role.
• Explore and develop short plays of their own devising.
• Perform in a production specifically created/chosen for DRA201.
• Write a scene for a performance. 
• Direct other students in a scene.
• Explore the features and form of clowning.