Junior Course Handbook 2019

Plans are underway to implement our Curriculum 19 in 2019.  Year 9 students have undergone practice periods to experience part of what school will look like for them as Year 10’s next year.

We have had a fantastic set of teachers put their hands up to get involved in the practice and they have planned and organised some very exciting and engaging content. The focus for this period will be our courses approach so that we get some specific feedback about courses from the students and their teachers as to how things go which will help us to make 2019 even better.

Courses for Year 9 students are detailed in the 2019 Junior Course Handbook.

Wednesday 30 January - Course Confirmation

Students in Years 10-13 meet in the Auditorium at the...

Thursday 31 January - Year 9 Students start

Year 9 students meet in the Auditorium at 9.30am for...

Friday 1 February - Timetabled classes begin for ALL students

School starts at 8.50am with Manaaki time.  Period 1 commences...