Discover Our World - Year 10

Discover Our World is the investigation of current issues from different perspectives (History, Geography) and the impact of these issues on people and the environment.

• A practical ‘hands on’ approach to current issues facing New Zealand and our world (such as, the ‘anti-smacking’ law, cell phones in cars, boy racers, pollution).
• Use of the Social Inquiry Process to investigate current issues.
• Examination of current issues using a variety of perspectives (History, Geography).
• Involvement in social action (doing something practical about an issue).
• A field trip related to the issues investigated may be included.
• An opportunity to complete Internal Social Studies Achievement Standard.

Subjects this leads on to:  NCEA Level One Accounting in Year 11
 NCEA Level One Economics in Year 11
 NCEA Level One Geography in Year 11
 NCEA Level One History in Year 11
 NCEA Level Two Classics in Year 12
 Tourism in Year 12