Samoan - Year 10

Entry Requirements:

As there was no Year 9 Samoan language course in 2011, you can gain automatic entry into this course as long as you have either:
• A basic understanding of the Samoan language (oral and written),
• The ability to speak basic Samoan,
• Or a desire to participate in the class and learn a new language.

This course will focus on:

• Helping students to be able to read and write in the Samoan language, focusing on basic language skills – reading and/or writing short texts and the alphabet for instance.
• Helping students to be able to speak in the Samoan language and improving their confidence in speaking skills.
• Giving students the opportunity to become familiar with some aspects of the Samoan culture, focusing on traditions, key cultural aspects and history of Samoa for instance.

Subjects this leads on to:

 NCEA Level One Samoan in Year 11