Digital Design - NCEA Level 3


• Successful completion of the Year 12 Design course (12DES) including 12 credits gained from the externally assessed Level 2 Folio Unit.
• Students will be required to regularly attend the Wednesday Workshops in order to meet their weekly homework requirements.
Please note this course can be taken in conjunction with PHO301 and ARP 301, but please note the work requirements will be high. Students may choose to select only 2 External folios.


• This course is a continuum from the Level 2 Design course and builds on the skills and knowledge gained in Year 12.
• Students will investigate a number of Design techniques and processes to help develop their own individual Design style.
• This course is computer based and requires a high level of technical skill and effective time management in order to gain success. Students must have a good understanding of Photoshop in order to be able to cope with this course and would be at an advantage if they had an equivalent Design programme on their home computers.