Computing - Year 10

Students will use the latest software to:

• Gain keyboarding skills to enable competent and efficient use of computers
• Create and design documents for personal and business use
• Gain confidence in using computers to produce documents for other subjects within the school
• Understand file management, shortcuts and other important basic functions
• Create spreadsheets, graphics and simple databases
• Efficiently search the Internet and develop editing techniques
• Begin computer programming

Students will complete units of work in:

• Word processing and ergonomic consideration of computer use
• Spreadsheet creation including basic formulae
• Desktop publishing using templates
• Web page creation and web page enhancement
• Computer graphics
• Database
• Programming

Subjects this leads on to:

 Year 11 and 12 Computing at Levels 2, 3 and 4. These courses allow students to gain National Certificates in either Computing or Business Administration and Computing. Students must achieve a minimum of four units of work to progress into these courses.