Film School - NCEA Level 2


• You must be willing to work – you will not be sitting at a desk in a classroom.
• You must be able to work in small groups with other students.
• You must attend regularly, as practical work is hindered by absent group members – we look at your attendance from the previous year.
• You must be trustworthy, as some film work will be outside and around the school.
• Most of all you must love films.

Note: Ultimately your entry into this course will be at the teacher’s and HOF’s discretion.


• This course is for students who have an interest in film and the media arts. In the first part of the year we will learn about the conventions and structure. In the second part of the year we will apply these skills to practical film making. We will learn how to use cameras, lights, editing programs and sound equipment. External exams will be offered to students who are capable and diligent.
• As the external assessments may or may not be offered to all students, this course only has the possibility of being eligible for course endorsement.