Film School - NCEA Level 1


• Credits towards NCEA Level 1
• Credits towards Level 1 LiteracyEntry: • You must be willing to work – you will not be sitting at a desk in a classroom.
• You must be able to work in small groups with other students.
• You must attend regularly, as practical work is hindered by absent group members – we look at your attendance from the previous year.
• You must be trustworthy, as some film work will be outside and around the school.
• Most of all you must love films.
• This course contains credits that are also offered in the ENG 102 Journalism course; therefore YOU CANNOT take both courses. If you wish to take 11FTV, please choose a different English course than that listed above.
Note: Ultimately your entry into this course will be at the teacher’s and HOF’s discretion.
Information: • This is a course for students who are interested in film and the media arts. In the first part of the course you will look at how a media text is created and used for different purposes. In the second part of the course you will learn how to use a camera, how to use lighting, how to use sound and how to edit. You will plan and produce a media product using these skills. External exam papers will be offered to students who are capable and diligent – therefore there is the possibility that this course could gain an endorsement.
• This course is designed for those students who are interested in studying and designing visual media products. Students will explore a variety of texts, text structure and the conventions that make them effective. Media products could refer to film or on-line magazines for instance.
• The focus of this class will be decided in consultation with the teacher and students taking this course.