Year 9 Camp/Community Challenge

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in our Year 9 Camp and Community Challenge last week – Year 9’s and the Year 12/13’s who supported them. The Camp was blessed by brilliant weather and all involved – staff and students – had a great time.

The Community Challenge was also a positive and bonding experience with the added bonus of giving our students the opportunity to contribute to various people and groups in the Valley. A range of activities took place including water testing, cleaning up Petone Beach, enhancing the facilities at the Wainuiomata Golf Course, creating puzzles for early childhood students, helping out with the facilities at the Wainuiomata Swimming Pool, and (everyone’s favourite) picking up rubbish.

The significant purposes of the Camp and the Community Challenge are to enhance the working relationships of students in core classes, and also putting them in touch with positive role models from the Senior school; job well done.

Martin Isberg, Principal
10 March 2017