Art - Year 10

Entry Requirements:

Signed commitment by student to complete all work including homework.

Practical Art is designed as a stepping stone to NCEA Level One Art and Design. During the course these topics will be studied:
• Basics of Drawing and Painting Part 2 – shading, colour, composition
• Skateboard art project or equivalent project – students will be required to pay $40.00 for skateboard deck
• Construction/sculpture

This course also has a research project which will give students 4 credits towards NCEA Level One. Students must pass this Achievement Standard to take NCEA Level One.

This course is designed for students who are serious about taking art to senior level and they must have the necessary equipment.

Subjects this leads on to:

 NCEA Level One Visual Art or TDA in Year 11
 Art, Design or Photography in Year 12
 Painting, Photography in Year 13