Accounting - NCEA Level 3


• NCEA Level 3
• University Entrance


• Successful completion of either a Year 11 or a Year 12 Accounting course; or at the HOF’s discretion


• To enable students to recognise Accounting’s importance as a provider of information for decision-makers.
• To develop students’ ability to generate useful information from transactional data, to analyse and interpret this information, and to be able to communicate the results.
• To learn practical skills for the workplace.
• To foster an interest in Accounting and other financial fields, and to provide a basis for further study at tertiary level.
• To improve a student’s understanding of business organisations.
• To provide students of the subject with an increased awareness of and access to career opportunities in Accounting specifically and Commerce in general.
• There may be field trips as part of the teaching programme.

The course covers, within the context of partnerships and companies:

• The conceptual basis of Accounting
• Recording and processing financial transactions
• Describing and evaluating a job cost system
• Reporting financial information
• Making informed decisions