3-Dimensional Design

NCEA Level 1


• Successful attendance and completion of the Year 10 Art programme and the recommendation from the Head of Art.
• Students must pass the 4 credit Achievement Standard offered in Year 10 Art to be eligible.
• This course is design-based so a strong interest in the arts and a high level of creativity is required.

Please note this course can be taken in conjunction with ART101, but only with HOF permission. As some of the standards are the same in both courses it is not advisable, but possible depending on how many credits you can gain in other subjects. Please talk to your Deans first.


• This course is for students who are artistically skilled and creative but prefer different types of art making to painting.
• Students will explore drawing, design, sculpture and photography through 4 internally assessed Achievement Standards.
• This course will give students a solid foundation to take senior Photography, Art (at HOF discretion) or Design in Year 12.